Club Leadership

Student Leadership


         Erik Miller – Northwestern University    

Regional Vice President

         Tamisha Rose – Governors State University


Vice President – School Ambassadors

DePaul University 

          Semiah McGill –

Governors State University 

          Gina Richard

          Jen Elenteny-Mejia –

Illinois Institute of Technology

          Eric Tendian – 

Lewis University

          Fitsum Tadesse – 

          Dave Tennant – 

          Victoria Vodicka – 

Moraine Valley Community College

          Chintan Patel – 

Northern Illinois University

          Sid Soni – 

Robert Morris University

          Cary Child – 

          Mario Vankinscott – 

Southern Illinois University

          Nelson A. Mogollon – 

IT Professional Representatives

Paul Dittmann, Past President, AITP Chicago

Alan Howard, Senior Account Executive –  Moran Structure Technologies

Dave Kamath, Board Member,  AITP Chicago

Kamen Rashev, Network Architect , Mesirow Financial

William Waas, Chairman, Illinois Technology Foundation

Club Organizational Structure & Charter

*Executive Board

The Student Technology Club’s governing body (Executive Board) will consist of no less than 10 members and no more than 15. Initially the Executive Board will have 11 members: six (6) students and five (5) industry professionals. This will be the founding Executive Board. Executive Board Members will serve a term of two years. Future student Executive Board members will be elected by the student members, the industry professionals will be selected by the Chairman of the Illinois Technology Foundation.

The students will hold the key positions in the Club, president, vice presidents, secretary , etc. The Executive Board will meet at least quarterly during the year and will be responsible for developing programming, promoting and expanding the Club and coordinating activities with other student technology clubs in Illinois.

In addition to the Executive Board, the Club has created the College/University Ambassador program (see below).

All funding for Student Technology Club programs will be provided by the Illinois Technology Foundation, so the Student Technology Club Executive Board will have no fiduciary responsibility and cannot make financial commitments.

As part of the outreach of the Club, we have created a role called the College/University Ambassador. It is a vice president level position in the STC.

The STC Vice President – School Ambassadors have the following responsibilities:

  • Communicate and promote all ITF STC programs and events:
    • Fifty for the Future®
    • Mentoring
    • AITP Affiliation
    • Webinars
    • Guest Speakers
    • IT Leadership
    • Mixers
  • Develop a relationship between ITF STC and schools dean and faculty
  • Provide content for the ITF STC newsletter
  • Create a web presence on the STC site for their respective school
  • Assist in the development of programs to support students in the transition from academia to industry.
  • Attend and participate on monthly conference call (<1 hour)

If you are interested in becoming your school’s Ambassador, please contact us at