Nominations are now closed for the 2016 Fifty For The Future® !

The Illinois Technology Foundation will announce winners soon for Fifty For The Future®

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Give the Center for Innovative Thinking a Project!

The primary mission of the Center is focused on developing creative thinking competencies in students through experiential learning gained from addressing real challenges and opportunities for participating businesses.

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About the Club

Welcome to the Student Technology Club.

The Illinois Technology Foundation (ITF) Student Technology Club (Club) is an all-inclusive organization focused on promoting and advancing information technology college students in Illinois. The Foundation encourages all individuals interested in the career advancement of students to join the Club. The Club is free to join; there is no membership fee. The Club recognizes and will collaborate with other technology student clubs in Illinois.

The Student Technology Club leadership is a majority of students with information technology professionals available for guidance and support.

Club Member Benefits:


Fifty For The Future® (ITF)

Joining the Club allows the student to participate in the Foundation’s annual recognition program. We recognize the top fifty college students making a difference in our community.


Student Resource Center

The student resource Center is a collection of information aimed at assisting the student in the transition from academia to industry. The Center provides links to the most popular job opportunities, mentoring programs, finding a college or scholarship, industry certifications, industry associations and  industry journals/publications.


Mentoring  Program (ITF)

We believe that everyone needs a coach or mentor. The Foundation provides access to a industry professionals that volunteer to work with college students. Each year we provide at least two mentor mixers and invite students and  information technology professionals to “greet and meet”. We have over 50 active mentoring relationships currently.


The Foundation organizes several Workshops/Seminars/Mixers annually. These are designed to introduce the students to the latest technology and to provide an opportunity to network with local professionals in the hiring community. The dates at times can be found on our Events Calendar.


The Foundation provides a series of webinars . The topics are selected by the Club leadership and include topics like, Life at Accenture, the Power of Certifications, developing a Personal Network and Becoming a Consultant  A webinar will be scheduled monthly and can be found on our Events Calendar.


Internships (ITF)

The Foundation believes that every student should have the opportunity to participate in an intern program. The Foundation provides the “last mile” . We are dedicated to finding an intern opportunity for every student interested.

Student Club Newsletter

The Foundation publishes a monthly Club newsletter. It is short and full of content. It provides a quick read for the busy student.